Richard W. Hurst, Ph.D.

Consultant in Environmental Forensic Geochemistry/Mineralogy

Since 1980, I have been applying my expertise in the fields of geochemistry and mineralogy to resolve issues for clients in the geotechnical/environmental sciences and legal profession. My background in the Earth Sciences began with a BS at Stony Brook University (1970; SUNY, Stony Brook at the time). Following my Ph.D. and Postdoctoral work in Geology (Universities of California Los Angeles, 1975, and Santa Barbara, respectively), I joined the Faculty at California State University, Los Angeles in 1978, focusing my research efforts on forensic isotope geochemistry. I am now a Professor Emeritus at CSuLA.

Consulting for the private sector, employing new techniques/applications to resolve environmental problems and as correlation tools in petroleum exploration has been the focus of my work since 1980  I also present workshops on the topics and interesting projects that have crossed my path since 1980. As a result, my clientele and project involvement have been very diverse.